The Brief: These memes take the terms pansexual, asexual, and metrosexual literally.


No Nut November has officially reached a fever pitch, with memes taking literal interpretations of the words pansexual, asexual, and metrosexual spreading throughout Reddit. These tongue-in-cheek memes explore vital questions about human sexuality, such as “Are pansexuals hot for pans, ” “Do asexuals get turned on by the letter A?,” and “Are metrosexuals attracted to subways?”

While these memes are clearly made in jest, they are rooted in a general confusion regarding what the words actually mean. To the dismay of many Redditors, a pansexual describes somebody who is attracted to people regardless of their gender. An asexual person is one who feels little to no sexual attraction to others, and the word metrosexual describes a cultured and well-groomed straight man with a refined fashion sense.

Pansexuals Memes:

*Extra Virgin* from dankmemes

Imagine Asexuals seeing the letter A from dankmemes

pAnsExuaLS aREnT AttRActEd tO pANs from memes

A meme for cultured individuals from dankmemes

A still from Eminem’s 2017 anti-Trump BET freestyle:

Insert frying pan joke here from dankmemes

Damn pan you fine. from memes

Nice thicc pan from dankmemes

*Pan noises* from dankmemes

pans are sexy from dankmemes

That is one fine looking pan from memes

I shall now go off to insert my reproductive organs into a pan from memes

ah yes, pan from memes

Asexual Memes:

This has to be stopped! – Asexual from memes

A meme featuring TikTok’s famous Kombucha girl:

Asexual people: Am I a joke to you? from dankmemes

those asexual memes get me kinda hot from dankmemes

Metrosexual Memes:

Thatโ€™s what this means, right? from dankmemes

Metrosexuals from memes