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Definition: A "sneaky link" is a sexual partner who someone keeps secret.

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Get all the trends, slang, & stories your kids are talking about, right to your inbox.

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Jul 28
The 3 Billion View TikTok Campaign, 2020 #AltGirls + Single Channel Viral Memes
Jul 13
Karens: Evolving Labels + Social Justice, Faux-Retail TikTok + TikTok Comment Growth
Jun 25
Finding Your Digital Tribe + Tulsa Rally Trolled By Zoomers
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Dog Dust Clouds vs. Mike Wazowski Memes

THE BRIEF: This meme format includes two dust clouds with dog faces on them descending on cities followed by Mike Wazowski standing between the clouds when they meet.

Te Kā vs. Zhdun Memes

THE BRIEF: This meme format pairs the character Te Kā from the movie Moana with the statue Homunculus Loxodontus (Zhdun) to represent two people in very different moods.

The Hilarious Tongue Sticking Out TikTok Trend

THE BRIEF: TikTokers are sticking their tongue out of their mouths and wiggling it at the camera as part of a hilarious (and weird) trend. Typically these videos are filmed up-close and from a downwards angle.

He Liked My… So I Changed TikTok Trend

THE BRIEF: The "He Liked My... So I Changed" TikTok trend typically sees creators playfully joking about racial stereotypes, fetishes, and the physical features men like about them.

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