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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

THE BRIEF: We broke down the top gifts for the music streamers, the gamers, the hypebeasts, the beauty divas, and the gadget geeks to make it easier to find what they actually want.

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Canceled swiggle Created with Sketch.

Definition: To "cancel" a celebrity means to denounce them because of their bad behavior.

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Get all the trends, slang, & stories your kids are talking about, right to your inbox.
PewDiePie Hackers Strike Again

THE BRIEF: Hackers have infiltrated more printers as well as the Wall Street Journal's website with pro-PewDiePie propaganda.

A Guide To The Most Confusing Slang Of 2018

THE BRIEF: Some of the most popular slang words and phrases of 2018 can seem absurd and confusing at first glance. Here's a guide to the origins and definitions of these terms.

Netflix’s The American Meme

THE BRIEF: The American Meme, a Netflix documentary, explores the trials and tribulations of the lives of social media celebrities.

Instagram Party Accounts

THE BRIEF: Many teenagers are turning to Instagram as a platform to promote and invite people to their parties.

Memes & Politics

THE BRIEF: As memes become increasingly political, will they shape public opinion, or simply exist as a form of political entertainment?

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