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What Are Diamond Paws? swiggle Created with Sketch.

Definition: The phrase "diamond paws" is a riff on "diamond hands." It directs Dogecoin investors to hold onto their investments.

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Get all the trends, slang, & stories your kids are talking about, right to your inbox.

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Gimme More TikTok Dance

THE BRIEF: The Gimme More TikTok dance by @karaleighcannella and @jaedengomezz sees creators throwing it back, bobbing their head, and miming a "give me" hand motion. 

“Soup For My Family” Protestor Twitter Memes

THE BRIEF: "Soup For My Family" memes began spreading on Twitter after a protestor told CNN he was carrying a can of soup for his family during a demonstration in Minnesota after an officer fatally shot motorist Daunte Wright.

Touch It TikTok Dance Trend

THE BRIEF: TikTokers are arching their backs and poking out their rear ends to "Touch It" by Busta Rhymes as part of a new dance trend.

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