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What Does 'Wanna See A Dead Body' Mean? swiggle Created with Sketch.

Definition: "Wanna see a dead body" may reference a meme, a Kendrick Lamar lyric, or a label for devastating moments.

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Get all the trends, slang, & stories your kids are talking about, right to your inbox.

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Jul 28
The 3 Billion View TikTok Campaign, 2020 #AltGirls + Single Channel Viral Memes
Jul 13
Karens: Evolving Labels + Social Justice, Faux-Retail TikTok + TikTok Comment Growth
Jun 25
Finding Your Digital Tribe + Tulsa Rally Trolled By Zoomers
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#ComingOfAge TikTok Trend

THE BRIEF: The "Coming Of Age" TikTok trend typically consists of creators using the line "Hey kid" and turning everyday activities into optimistic endings associated with teen movies.

Anti-Biden Memes 2020

THE BRIEF: Anti-Biden memes are created by those who are not in favor of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Pro-Trump Memes 2020

THE BRIEF: Memes showing support for President Trump's 2020 reelection appear on various social media platforms, expressing a range of views and reasons people are supporting him as a candidate.

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