Digging in to Todays Trends so you don't have to

Digging into today’s trends so you don’t have to. Ya dig?

We’ll help you StayHipp.

Welcome to the culture translator for the digital age. A slang dictionary, tech blog, and pop culture site hybrid, where you’ll find the latest trends in slang, hashtags, apps, memes and more here. Think of us as your Internet translator for today and beyond. (Because while you can definitely Google it, we break it down to make things easy to understand, and actually show you how it got there)

Never have egg on your face again. We’re unscrambling today’s trends 24/7.
We want to make the connection between everyone stronger in the Internet era. Which is why we’re doing you a solid and telling you what’s making waves (and what’s making ripples) for better understanding and dinner conversation.


Your Phone a Friend for every fad.

Hey! I started StayHipp because I wanted to bridge the gap between people in our ever evolving culture. It always felt like I was the person my friends and family went to for the latest clothing brand, song, app, or slang that their teen was talking about. I always had an answer because I truly love immersing myself in these communities and learning how the world is changing as it’s changing, and then sharing that with other people. StayHipp is an extension of that, and I hope it helps you.

-Chris Colbert, Founder & CEO


Here’s the rundown.

On StayHipp, pages are split into two sections: The Brief and Deep Dive.

  • The Brief: For when you just need a short explanation (or don’t have a lot of time).
  • Deep Dive: A full definition that tells you why it’s important, who uses it, and where it came from.

On any page, other definitions on our site will be in bold and underlined. Because, chances are, if you’re looking up someone being a stan for Drake, or why Cardi B is a problematic fave, you’re gonna need more than one definition.

If you’re stumped on a term/phrase/etc, let us know! Ask us anything by hitting the question mark at the top of the page and we’ll answer it.

That’s a wrap. Now get to stepping and StayHipp.

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