The Brief: Ok Trumper is a dismissive response similar to Ok Boomer that's meant to be directed specifically towards Trump supporters.


From the get-go, Ok Boomer has had a political leaning. The phrase is an effective Millenial and Gen Z response to being called a snowflake. To be called a boomer often has more to do with one’s politics than it does with one’s age. “Ok Trumper” is an updated version with a more explicitly political angle.

The hashtag #OkBoomer started trending on Twitter after Republican political strategist Rick Wilson used it in a response to a Tweet by President Trump. Wilson, who is on the cusp of the Baby Boomer generation and Gen X, responded to @realDonaldTrump’s November 16 tweet quoting Rush Limbaugh with “LOL OK, Trumper.”

The hashtag and phrase have since been used just as “Ok Boomer” was, but more specifically as an insult directed towards Trump supporters.

As Thanksgiving is coming up, some Twitter users have suggested that “Ok Trumper” will be a useful response for political conversations with Trump-supporting relatives at Thanksgiving dinner.