The premise of these memes is a semi-ironic anti-masturbation campaign and content includes sexual themes and humor.

The Brief: This November, devotees to the NNN movement and memes are sharing about their struggles and triumphs as they try to get through the month without masturbating or having sex.


According to those in-the-know about the meme, No Nut November, also known as NNN, is the ultimate seasonal challenge. The task at hand is to avoid fapping and ejaculation for the entire month of November. Most of the participants in and people making jokes about NNN are men, as language like “nut” and “fapping” imply. While some people take NNN quite seriously, it is widely known as a meme that’s more about the possibility of trying to abstain from orgasming for a month, rather than the actual challenge to do so. We’ve compiled the best NNN memes and trends of 2019 so far, keeping things as SFW as possible.

On Twitter, a brand-run account based on the persona ofΒ  Mr. Peanut, the Planter’s nuts mascot, has been tweeting jokes about a literal interpretation of no “nut” November. Mr. Peanut seems to be on top of multiple November-based trends, as he’s participating in Movember as well. Mr. Peanut says “say yes to nuts!”

Also gaining popularity on Twitter, the “Coomer Pledge” is an oath that hopes to hold NNN participants accountable. Those who take the pledge promise that if they succumb to temptation during the month of November, they will change their profile picture on social media to a caricature of the Coomer, a 4chan character that represents a person who is addicted to masturbation.

No Nut November memes joke about running into temptation, trying to avoid viewing pornography, and the likely failure of NNN. Some rely on comedic tropes about masturbation, sex, and men’s sex drives.

I spent like an hour typing this
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Don’t forget about No Shave November!Β 

Why not both?
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NNN strikes hard
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Stay Strong Brothers
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How is NNN going?
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What is this no nut november?
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No Nut November
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Day 6, let’s go boys
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Modern problems require modern solutions…

Shame on them
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Doot doot.Β 


This man has the real answers
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