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Enterprise Trend Forecasting, Reporting, and Consulting

We Get Ahead of Trends.

At Stayhipp.com we cover a wide variety of trends and happenings earlier than other outlets. Utilizing our proprietary analytics we see what flops versus what trends pick up steam with our audience. Through these analytics, we’re able to track and validate the trajectory of a trend and pinpoint the critical pivot from an under the radar subtopic to becoming part of Internet culture. Even more, we do so before it even hits Google search trends.

We Get You in the Game.

“Brands tend to use generalizations when trying to connect with consumers. Appearing neutral and speaking with generalized concepts can be boring. Nowadays, people want to see or hear about something specific, and they tend to disregard generalized subjects. Specific contents or materials make consumers pay more attention and engage in the topic.”
- Complex Collective Survey, Oct 2019

Our trend consulting is designed to act as a Primer to your brand—acting as a supplemental layer to the two areas you know best: your brand and your customers. We go beyond surface-level definitions and summaries; we give the cultural context to understand why and how digital trends are being used today in order to facilitate authentic conversations.

We Strengthen Connections.

At StayHipp, we’re helping bridge the cultural gap between brands and people. Our clients want to make meaningful connections with their customers—yet today’s culture is evolving at a rate that has made it increasingly difficult for even the most in-the-know to stay on top of the ebbs and flows of the Internet. What we used to think of as niche phenomena are now embedded into mainstream culture.

Our Process.

Our process is broken down into 4 phases; discovery, deep-dive analysis, trend tracking, and evolution. Within each, we gather both the hard and soft data to inform the trend or topic at hand.

We’ve created our own proprietary tools that we’ve created based on our customer’s needs to detect anomalies in social networking utilizing our Z score algorithms that then feed into monitoring tools that track the conversation and growth metrics.

[ Our Process ]


Emotion married with data fuels cultural connections
  • Process + Methodology

    • Proprietary Social Media Crawlers
    • Proprietary Ngram z-score anomaly detection algorithm
    • StayHipp search based trend indicators
    • StayHipp research team
  • Report

    • Ad hoc reporting
      • Trend alerts, updates and cultural happenings
  • Activate

    • Provided examples of usage
    • Historically similar happenings
    • Brand-specific examples

Deep Dive Analysis

We are culture experts backed by our data driven validation process
  • Process + Methodology

    • Crawl + Data Mine External Sources
    • Proprietary StayHipp Search-Based Page View Analytics
    • Validate Channel and Platform Hopping
    • Quantify Overall Impact
    • Monitor Trend Wavelength
  • Report

    • Bimonthly reporting
      • Impact Reporting
      • Usage by Channel
      • Competitive Research
      • Landscape Usage Examples
  • Activate

    • Sentiment Monitoring
    • Opposition Research
    • Tangential Happenings
    • Custom Brand Recommendations + Bi-monthly Consultations


We know how to spot when trends are cresting to find the opportune moments to be part of these conversations— getting ahead of the mainstream wave.
  • Process + Methodology

    • Monitor Wavelength
    • Track Brand Activations
    • Observe Sentiment Change and Derivative
    • Continue to monitor overall impact
  • Report

    • Ad Hoc Reporting
      • Trend Moment Notifications
    • Bimonthly Reporting
      • Trend Viability + Sentiment Updates
      • Trend Wave Position Status
  • Activate

    • Brand Viability
    • Wave Position Viability
    • Usage Differentiation
    • Custom Brand Recommendations + Bi-monthly Consultations


We believe trends don’t die, they evolve.
  • Process + Methodology

    • Historical and Forward-Looking Research
    • Landscape Research
    • Comp Research
  • Report

    • Bimonthly Reporting
    • Trend Status
    • Landscape Reporting
    • Historical and Forward-Looking Report
    • Comp Analysis
  • Activate

    • Wavelength Estimate and Viability
    • Consider Future Alternatives
    • Custom Brand Recommendations + Bi-monthly Consultations
    • Review Activation Success

[ Primer Offering ]

The Primer

StayHipp's ongoing reporting cadence gives your brand the timely cultural intelligence required to not only understand your audience, but engage in a relevant, authentic way.
Our Primer reporting includes twice a month report covering the following:

Top Trends - Our proprietary analytics and culture squad can tell you what’s about to start trending so you’re ahead of the curve and never jumping on the bandwagon.

Terminology - This covers vocabulary, phrases, acronyms, and even emojis that are having a moment, where it originated, what it means, and how to use it.

Cultural Happenings - Events to be aware of for the coming 30 days and how to participate.

Trending Memes - A breakdown of the memes that are increasing in popularity, how they're being used and evolving, and how to use them.

Activation Advice - Should you jump on a trend? Is it already dead? Does your brand have a right to join the conversation? What should you say? We’ve got your back. We'll get to know your team, your audience, and your goals to customize the implications of everything above for your brand.

In addition to the twice a month Primer reports, you'll receive ad hoc emails from our team when we flag breaking trends relevant to your business because the internet never sleeps! and twice monthly calls with our team.

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