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They are a multi-hyphenate generation blurring the lines of their identity across a variety subcultures.
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Decoding Internet Culture.

The Primer is the trend consulting arm of StayHipp that blends data and cultural intelligence to bridge the cultural gap between brands and people.
Our Primer reporting includes twice a month report covering the following:

Top Trends - Our proprietary analytics and culture squad can tell you what’s about to start trending so you’re ahead of the curve and never jumping on the bandwagon.

Terminology - This covers vocabulary, phrases, acronyms, and even emojis that are having a moment, where it originated, what it means, and how to use it.

Cultural Happenings - Events to be aware of for the coming 30 days and how to participate.

Trending Memes - A breakdown of the memes that are increasing in popularity, how they're being used and evolving, and how to use them.

Activation Advice - Should you jump on a trend? Is it already dead? Does your brand have a right to join the conversation? What should you say? We’ve got your back. We'll get to know your team, your audience, and your goals to customize the implications of everything above for your brand.

The Primer Weekly

Weekly insights from the staff

Dec 3
Abercrombie’s TikTok Play That Doubled Their Market Cap
Sep 9
Ed Markey’s Standom, TikTok Ad Effectiveness Updates, and Only Fans/Bella Thorne
Aug 13
Memes for IPOs, TikTok and Rise of Remixes, and Reels
Jul 28
The 3 Billion View TikTok Campaign, 2020 #AltGirls + Single Channel Viral Memes
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