The Brief: No Nut November is a challenge in which people try not to masturbate or have sex during the month of November.


No Nut November, sometimes abbreviated NNN, also known as No Fap Month, is a one month challenge for people to abstain from orgasming. The “nut” in the title refers to “busting a nut” a slang term for ejaculation. The challenge is related to the No Fap movement, which has a Reddit community of over half a million members. The philosophy behind No Fap is that when people free themselves from the distractions of sex and pornography, they can experience positive results. Some say that this may include levitation, but that seems to mostly be a joke. Some versions of No Nut November allow for sex but not masturbation while others prohibit any kind of sexual activity. As the name implies, No Nut November and discourse about it are largely male-dominated.

This month-long event is something of a play on No-Shave November. As it is a popular meme, it’s unclear approximately how many people actually participate in No Nut November vs. how many people just joke about it on the internet.


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