The Brief: A "basic bitch" is an airhead or a sheep - someone who follows trends to the extent of being predictable and boring. It is sometimes shortened to the adjective "basic."


“Basic bitch” is a demeaning term used to characterize women and girls whose interests and consumer patterns are unoriginal and mainstream. Sometimes shortened to “basic,” the term usually refers to a young, heterosexual upper-middle-class white woman. Classic interests and style choices of a “basic bitch” include the PSL, UGG boots, The North Face, Taylor Swift, brunch, selfies, rosé, yoga pants, Pinterest, and celebrity gossip. BuzzFeed has a humorous quiz to help you figure out just how basic you are.

Critics have pointed out that the insult “basic bitch” is unfairly gendered, making fun of young women who are just trying to live their lives.