The Brief: BuzzFeed is an online media and entertainment company.


BuzzFeed is in many ways a quintessential new media website. It publishes original content en masse including quizzes: “Are You A Cake or Are You A Pie,” recipes: “Watermelon ‘Poke’ Bowl,” fashion listicles: “36 Cute Dresses You Need To See RIGHT NOW,” cute animal GIFs, and internet miscellany.

With staff and user-generated content, BuzzFeed shares its expertise on trending millennial and Gen Z issues. It is not only on the cusp of the latest Internet trends and clickable tidbits but publishes serious and breaking news as well.

In addition to its main website,, BuzzFeed creates unique content for various social media sites around the globe. On YouTube, BuzzFeed has over a dozen channels, with over 17 million subscribers to their main channel.

Although it has somewhat of a reputation of being a “bored at work” site, BuzzFeed is a respectable and competitive news and entertainment media company. In 2015, it was estimated to be worth $1.5 billion.