The Brief: YouTube is an online video streaming and social media platform.


YouTube is an online video streaming platform that started in 2005. It is now owned by Google.

Some interesting statistics:


  • Subscribers: also known as “subs” are the people who follow a YouTube channel.
  • YouTuber: a person who makes YouTube videos.
  • Dislike button: YouTube is one of only a few mainstream social media platforms to feature a dislike button, allowing users to publicly express when they don’t like a video for any reason.

Video Genres

There are many genres of videos on YouTube including the following:

  • Reaction Videos: videos in which someone reacts to something else – usually another video.
  • ASMR: videos intended to invoke an autonomous sensory meridian response, which is supposed to resemble a tingling sensation.
  • Gaming & Let’s Play: videos featuring video games.
  • Music Videos: YouTube is a popular platform for traditional music videos, made by established musicians and up and coming ones.
  • Beauty Tutorials: beauty “guru’s” such as James Charles, Patrick Starrr, and NikkieTutorials provide instructions on makeup and beauty.
  • Docuseries: homemade and professional documentaries are a common YouTube genre. Shane Dawson is redefining the genre with his series such as The Mind Of Jake Paul and The Secret World of Jeffree Star by creating long-form documentaries exploring pop culture and celebrity.
  • Comedy And Memes: these videos are popular on YouTube, especially since Vine shut down.

Safety & Privacy

An account is not required in order to view YouTube videos. An account is required to post videos. YouTube requires account holders to be 18 years old, but a 13-year-old can sign up with a parent’s permission. Videos may include content that is not suitable for children. YouTube, like many social media sites, is notorious for having a comments section that may include trolls, bullying, or mean comments. Basic internet safety and privacy measures can help ensure a positive experience on YouTube.