Rating:Not Explicit

The Brief: In this BuzzFeed "Worth It" video, Steven and Andrew compare and contrast gourmet cookies at vastly different price points.


In the latest episode of the popular BuzzFeed food show, “Worth It,” hosts Steven Lim and Andrew Ilnycklj try some of the best cookies in the world at bakeries in New York and Japan.

First, Steven, Andrew, and their crew go to Mah Zae Dhar Bakery in New York where they try $1 shortbread. After that, they eat some hefty $4 cookies at Levain Bakery in the city. Finally, they try a $90 meticulously decorated rooster cookie at Antolpo in Japan.

Both hosts merrily gobble up these different cookies, remarking that “cookies are an anytime food,” the perfect afternoon dessert. In the end, Steven declares the $90 Antolpo rooster cookie to be his “Worth It Winner.” The rest of the team agrees with him, except for Andrew who votes for the Mah Zae Dhar shortbread as the cookie that was the most “worth it” to him.