This video and others by Filthy Frank are extremely explicit. Many would find this content offensive and even disturbing.

The Brief: Filthy Frank is a satirical YouTube persona created by George "Joji" Miller.


Filthy Frank is known for his absurd and intentionally offensive humor. His YouTube about page reads: “Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be…There is no denying that the show is terribly offensive, but this terrible offensiveness is a deliberate and unapologetic parody of the whole social media machine and a reflection of the human microcosm that that social media is.” He has collaborated with other YouTubers including H3H3 and iDubbzTV. TVFilthyFrank, his main channel, has over 5 million subscribers.

The character “Pink Guy,” which is Filthy Frank in a pink bodysuit is featured in many of his videos.

He is known as the creator of the viral Harlem Shake meme.