Occasional swearing.

The Brief: The eighth annual Streamy Awards, a celebration of digital content creators was broadcast live on YouTube from Los Angeles on October 22, 2018.


The Try Guys hosted this night of comedy, positivity, and scripted spontaneity at The Beverly Hilton. In advance of the airing of the Streamys, 24 award winners were announced including Ninja for gaming, The Phillip DeFranco Show for news, and James Charles for beauty. Awards categories included “Show of the Year,” “Best Breakout Creator,” and “Dog of the Year.” Celebrities, past winners, YouTube stars, and influencers presented the awards to each other.

The theme of the night was “Be. Create. Inspire.” Although the YouTube community typically thrives on beef, the Streamys were relatively drama-free, with the exception of some comedic drama performed by the hosts.

Unlike the Oscars or the Grammy’s, The Streamys are a smaller and more casual event. Just as YouTube does, The Streamy’s showcases a diverse set of talented creators, celebrating more young and quirky talent than old-school Hollywood does.

Most Streamy winners are selected by the Streamys Blue Ribbon Panel, “a judging body of creators, executives, and other experts in the online video industry.” The exceptions were Show of the Year and Creator of the Year, which were fan-selected.

Notable Winners:

Memorable Moments:

Although The Streamys featured online creators who can amass millions of views in a day, the show had only around 42,000 real-time viewers during its Monday night airing. Hundreds of thousands of more views have accumulated since The Streamys aired, on both the full-length video and on shorter clips.