The Brief: The first episode of the 44th season of Saturday Night Live opened with a Kavanaugh hearing parody featuring Matt Damon as Judge Brett Kavanaugh.


In this comedy sketch, Matt Damon plays an angry Brett Kavanaugh. He speaks before U.S. senators, played by past and present SNL cast members. Notably, Kate McKinnon played an impassioned Lindsay Graham.

This parody drew a significant amount of material directly from the actual hearing, adding comic embellishments and exaggerations. Kavanaugh’s character frantically repeats “I like beer.” He assures senators that “boofing” is slang for flatulence, and that “devil’s triangle,” and “Eskimo brothers” are both drinking games.

At the end of the sketch, Damon as Kavanaugh shotguns a can of water and then breaks character for the show’s signature tag: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

After the episode aired, President Trump Tweeted his criticism of SNL, calling it “a political ad for the Dems.”