The Brief: A reaction video to kids doing ASMR on YouTube shows asks whether or not it is appropriate for kids to post these kinds of videos.


In a YouTube reaction video titled “Kids doing ASMR is a problem,” YouTuber PaymoneyWubby watches various kid-run ASMR YouTube channels. He comments on the awkwardness of these videos and their sexual undertones. He says:

At the end of the day, when the dust has settled, you are just watching a kid whisper. And I don’t think that will ever not be kinda weird.

This video, which is rife with profanity, off-color jokes, and insults, brings up some interesting points and questions:

  • Is ASMR, particularly roleplay, sexualized or inappropriate? What about when it is made by children?
  • What is the real purpose of ASMR?
  • Should kids be posting publicly accessible YouTube videos?
  • Should parents allow their children to post ASMR and other potentially inappropriate videos?
  • Are the intentions of child-creators relevant when viewers will interpret their videos in certain ways?

For much of the video, PaymoneyWubby focuses on Life With MaK‘s ASMR channel. He shows clips of a video of hers titled “ASMR~ 👮‍♀️🚓 SASSY Police Officer / Cop.” This video does have some sexual undertones and even some explicit sexual references. However, MaK’s caption to the video clarifies that it is not meant to be taken seriously and that “It was SO HARD to film and not laugh!” Although it seems that MaK intended to create a piece of comedy, PaymoneyWubby’s video accurately points out that adult audiences will not always view it as such.

PaymoneyWubby’s reaction video, while harsh, shines a light on the grey areas of kids making YouTube videos. MaK’s videos may make for great memes, but he’s right that there is something a bit creepy about watching a young teenager act out roleplay as a “sassy” whispering cop. Public YouTube videos can be viewed by anyone. It can be helpful for children to have guidance and ground rules about what is and isn’t ok to post.