The Brief: Shane Dawson is releasing a YouTube documentary series about Jake Paul's controversial career and public presence.


StayHipp will be covering Shane Dawson‘s 8-part series “The Mind of Jake Paul” as it comes out, summarizing each video and keeping you updated on the most noteworthy YouTube beef that comes out of it.


In the teaser trailer, Shane makes it clear that the series will be full of drama and revelations. He also hints that he may have used hidden cameras and that the Pauls may have tried to intervene to control what was included in the documentary. In it, Shane says “I understand everything now. I understand why Jake is crazy, I understand why his family’s crazy, I understand why his friends are crazy, I understand why YouTube is crazy, and I understand why, oh, I’m crazy.” The trailer implies in the series, tea will be spilled, shade will be thrown, and wigs will be snatched.

Part 1

Shane prefaces the video by saying “this is going to be a rollercoaster, a plane crash, and pretty much every other disaster you could think of.” In the first installment of the series, Shane discusses his path to making the video. After a Twitter exchange between Jake Paul and Shane Dawson took place in which the two talked about doing an interview, Shane faced backlash from people who told Shane that he should not give Jake a platform for any more fame.

In this introductory video, Shane begins to explore the question of whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath. He interviews YouTuber iNabber about Paul’s reputation. They discuss some of Jake’s crazier and more dangerous stunts, his alleged mistreatment of members of Team 10, and other scandals at which Jake has been the center.

Jake Paul’s Response

After Shane released the first installment of the series, Jake Paul posted a video to his own channel titled “Pls Watch This Before Shane Dawson’s Series…” He talks about the process of making the film and asks fans to watch it with open minds and open hearts. Paul says that he hasn’t seen the documentary yet and that its contents are all “up to Shane.” In a typical Paul fashion, he plugs his latest merch line.

Part 2: The Dark Side of Jake Paul

In the second installment of the series, Shane talks with therapist Kati Morton about signs that someone is a sociopath. She and Shane discuss whether or not YouTubers are likely to be sociopaths and what other personality disorders may inspire people to constantly broadcast their lives. Kati cites a statistic that around 1 in 25 people are sociopaths who exhibit such symptoms as a lack of empathy, reckless behavior, and likeability.

Part 3: The Family of Jake Paul

Shane begins this video with an apology for sensationalizing psychopathic people in the previous episode and using mental illness as a subject for entertainment. He tells viewers about a Twitter exchange he had with Logan Paul where Logan admitted that he has “psychopathic tendencies,” but that he is not a psychopath. Shane goes on to watch videos from Jake and Logan Paul’s parents’ YouTube channels, reacting and grimacing of the camera for much of it. He speculates that Logan and Jake Paul’s family life could have something to do with their personalities and online personas.

Logan Paul’s Response: “Dear Shane Dawson”

In this video, Logan notes that Shane Dawson’s series resembles a horror movie. He compliment’s Shane as a YouTuber and content creator. Then, Logan explains and disputes some of Shane’s claims and portrayals in the first two episodes of the series. Logan talks about the sociopathic spectrum and how many people, himself included have sociopathic tendencies. They may do things for power and fame, without empathy. He also distinguishes the terms sociopath and psychopath.

Part 4: The Enemies of Jake Paul

Shane interviews former Team 10 manager Nick Crompton about Jake Paul’s feuds, antics, and personality. Nick reveals that many of Jake and Team 10’s pranks were not as spontaneous or “real” as they seem to be in videos.

Part 5: The World of Jake Paul

Finally, Shane meets Jake at the new Team 10 house. Shane brought Kati Morton along with him to observe Jake’s behavior and personality. They tell Jake that she’s his producer, not a therapist. Shane gets a tour of part of the house, watches Team 10 members perform stunts, and ride with Jake in one of his many cars on his off-road dirt course. They meet Jake’s girlfriend, Erika Costell. The couple assures Shane that their relationship is authentic and not just for publicity.

Part 6: The Secrets of Jake Paul

Shane and Kati continue to hang out with Jake and his friends. They all go to Walmart to buy camping supplies and listen to some of Jake’s music on the drive back. Then, Shane talks to Jake and Erika about FaZe Banks’ alleged assault of Jake’s assistant and Jake’s ex-girlfriend’s accusations that Jake was physically aggressive with her. Then, Shane talks privately with Erika, discussing Jake’s personality, family dynamics, and more.  Shane reveals to Erika that Kati is a therapist, not his producer. At the end of the video, Erika and Jake introduce Shane to Justin Roberts.

Part 7: The Ex Girlfriend of Jake Paul

At the beginning of this video, Shane video chats with Keemstar, discussing the drama that’s been unfolding. Then, Shane meets with Jake Paul’s “ex girlfriend” Alissa Violet at “The Clout House.” In their interview, Alissa opens up about her relationship with Jake, his alleged abuse, her experiences working for Team Ten, and the slut-shaming she endured after hooking up with Logan Paul. Alissa clarifies that her and Jake’s relationship was largely for publicity, and that she and him were never “official” as Jake refused to define the relationship. Alissa clarifies that Jake is “not a physical abuser” but that he was mentally and emotionally abusive.

Part 8: Inside the Mind of Jake Paul

In the 1 hour, 45 minute long finale video, Shane sits down with Jake for an in-depth video. Jake and Erika come to Shane’s house for the interview where they join Shane and his boyfriend Ryland in taking a shot (of alcohol) in preparation for an intense and emotional interview. Shane goes through a long list of questions. He asks Jake directly about the most controversial aspects of his YouTube career including inappropriate jokes, pranks, the Martinez twins, the leaking of the Team Ten house’s address, beef with Jake’s Hollywood neighbors, plugging merch to children, Alissa Violet, her relationship with Logan, assault allegations Jake made against FaZe Banks, Logan’s suicide forest video, the Paul family, and Jake’s future plans. Jake explains his side of the story, experiences, and regrets in regards to each of these controversies. They discuss Jake’s immaturity and lack of self-awareness, as well as how beef and controversy can fuel creators who are looking for views at any cost. At the end of the video, Shane reveals to Jake that Kati Morton is a therapist and not his producer.

As for the question as to whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath, the series seems to conclude that he is not. Online, some people are speculating that Shane will produce a follow-up series about Logan Paul, exploring his potential sociopathic tendencies.

With these documentary series about internet stars including Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, Shane Dawson has introduced a form of YouTube video that combines traditional documentary and vlog styles. By immersing himself in in the lives of his subjects, Shane’s videos provide personal and in-depth perspectives on controversial YouTube stars, drawing significant amounts of attention and views.