The videos contain cursing and sexual content.

The Brief: In a five part documentary YouTube series, Shane Dawson gives viewers an exclusive look into Jeffree Star's life.


Part 1: The Secret World of Jeffree Star

In part 1 of the series, titled “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”, Jeffree Star gives Shane Dawson a full tour of his iconic Calabasas home including his Barbie bed, pink chandeliers, themed rooms, seven million dollar closet, pink thrones, and designer everything. Shane meets Jeffree’s partner Nathan Schwandt  and their five Pomeranians: Daddy, Diva, Delicious, Diamond, and Drama.

Shane and Jeffree eat special edition Oreos and talk fame, fortune, threesomes, and more. Jeffree is elegant, confident, and friendly throughout the video while Shane gawks and gasps about Jeffree’s bougie, extra lifestyle. At one point, Jeffree clarifies the meaning of the word “sick” – it still means “cool/awesome.”

Part 2: Becoming Jeffree Star for a Day

James Charles comes over to give Shane a full face of makeup to make him look like Jeffree for the second part of the series. The three talk about Jeffree’s music career, being a problematic fave, and more while Shane gets made over.

Part 3: Switching Lives with Jeffree Star

In the third installment of the series, Shane puts on a wig and brand new Gucci track suit. The two Jeffree Stars ride in a pink Tesla to Jeffree’s pink warehouse for his multi-million dollar cosmetics company. Shane and Jeffree joke around, and things get real when they discuss their backgrounds and families.

Part 4: The Secret Life of Jeffree Star

In this segment, Jeffree meets up at Shane’s house with Shane’s boyfriend Ryland and friend Garrett. They tour Jeffree’s makeup factory, goof around, and speculate about the potential success of a Shane Dawson makeup line.

Part 5: The Truth About Jeffree Star

In the finale, Shane, Jeffree, Ryland, and Garrett visit Jeffree’s old apartment in North Hollywood. Shane and Jeffree have a one-on-one conversation in which they discuss Jeffree’s reputation as a racist, his dark past, and the real person behind the persona Jeffree Star. This video is emotional, serious, and potentially triggering as there is content related to depression and self-mutilation.

Overall, the series delves deep into the real life of a often masked social media celebrity. Shane and Jeffree relate to each other as YouTubers, as people, and as friends. The series is a mix of YouTube and traditional documentary styles, filled with comedy, spectacle, and emotion.