The Brief: Actor Jack Black has built a promising YouTube channel, Jablinski Games, that has accumulated over 3 million followers in just 3 weeks.


“It’s gonna be bigger than Ninja; it’s gonna be bigger than PewDiePie”

The introductory video for Jack Black’s new gaming YouTube channel, Jablinski Gaming features Black in a gaming chair in front of several monitors hyping up his channel, playfully saying it will surpass YouTube giants like Ninja and PewDiePie.  Jack Black’s channel has been growing rapidly since its creation – he’s gained about 1 million subscribers a week.

What’s Different About Jablinski Games?

Jack Black’s first official gaming video titled “A House With A Pin In Its Balls”  takes place at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, featuring old-school pinball machines and Black’s enthusiastic reactions to them. In his second video, he goes to an arcade with his son, where he plays games and cracks dad jokes. The end of the video features a shot of the Sal is tonight’s biggest loser meme.

Jablinski Gaming deviates from norms of both celebrity and gaming YouTube channels. Jack Black’s YouTube videos, unlike other celebrity’s like Will Smith‘s, are informal, with low production quality. They’re short and seemingly unscripted. Jack Black talks to the audience in a casual, down-to-earth way, as if he’s addressing a friend.

The dynamic between Jack Black and his 12-year-old son is particularly relatable and charming. When the camera pans to Black’s son, he often covers it up with his hand, as he also does at moments where Jack Black is acting particularly goofy and/or embarrassing.

So far, Black’s focus on more traditional analog games rather than trendy high-tech ones distinguishes his channel from other mainstream gaming ones. In his most recent video, Jack Black acknowledges this and says that he’ll be posting “real gaming videos” soon. However, it’s likely that his signature style and distinct personality will make these videos unique.

In addition to the high number of subscribers, Black’s channel has received largely positive reviews and comments on YouTube and across the web. Jablinski Games releases new videos every Friday.