The Brief:

Drop Dance Tik Tok memes show various users performing a short, jumpstyle dance to the song "Cradles," by Sub Urban. 


Drop Dance is just one of the latest viral TikTok dance crazes. In Drop Dance videos, one or more person performs a series of dance moves known as jumpstyle.

Jumpstyle is an electronic dance style which involves kicking your legs back and forth to the beat of the music while simultaneously jumping.

In TikTok Drop Dance videos, users jump and kick to the beat of reggae artist Sub Urban’s song, “Cradles”. Similar to “Old Town Road”, the song made popular by TikTok’s Yee Haw challenge, the dance begins when the song’s beat drops.

Many users have adopted the jumpstyle moves developed by TikTok user @Ro-han for their own posts.

As of May 1st, the “Cradles” sound clip has been used in over 900K videos, most of which show users’ attempts at the Drop Dance. Users often tag their Drop Dance videos with the hashtag #dropdance, which has over 30 million views to date.

This one takes an L for lack of teamwork…

While this one’s just for LOLs.