The Brief: Rapper Doja Cat has made a viral YouTube video which shows her singing and rapping about cows while wearing a variety of cow-themed costumes over a variety of cow-themed green screen backgrounds.


In this video, Doja Cat sings a catchy, clever, and bizarrely cow-related song while she dances in front of various images, including ones of cows, a farm, and bouncing anime breasts. She drinks a strawberry shake, and eats a burger and fries while continuously making eye contact with the camera.

B**ch, I’m a cow
I’m not a cat
I don’t say meow
B**ch, I’m a cow

This video, for all of its randomness and devotion to cows, has gone viral, launching rapper Doja Cat into the mainstream, and inspiring many memes.

Doja Cat announced a #MOOchallenge for people to send “Mooo!” inspired videos, sort of like the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, but with cows.



So, is this video a satire of rampant consumerism and hypersexualization of women? Or just a random series of cow-related lyrics and images? That’s up to you!