The Brief: YouTube limits certain content creators from monetizing on their Coronavirus-related videos which have led some YouTubers to sneakily figure out new ways to make revenue from their newsworthy content.


As fears surrounding the Coronavirus heightens, YouTubers are taking it upon themselves to produce newsworthy content regarding the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

The platform, YouTube is placing limitations on monetization for content that surrounds the topic of the Coronavirus to reduce advertisers from being linked to the global health crisis. So, YouTubers like Dan Avidan have figured out a way of getting around the newly enforced policy that disallows monetary earnings from pandemic-related videos from certain content creators. By addressing the novel Coronavirus as a Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour, Avidan is capable of slyly discussing matters surrounding the disease by not explicitly saying any terms that are used in reference to the virus.

On the internet, people are now speaking about Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour tickets on YouTube and how they have affected the entire population in a 3-part series to address their points regarding the Coronavirus. The remaining videos can be found on the GameGrumps YouTube channel if you want to hear further information on how the Backstreet Boys are actually returning better than ever, buy your tickets here!