The Brief: The #FeelingCute Challenge has social media users sharing cute selfies and explanations of something they might do later.


As with most things, memes tend to evolve over time.

While “Felt cute, might delete later” may have started as a simple selfie caption, the phrase has gained recent popularity with Millennials, Gen Zers, and even Baby Boomers as an internet challenge.

The original context of the phrase “felt cute, might delete later” indicated that someone liked the way they looked when they snapped the selfie, but that they might delete it later if they changed their mind.

In the newest iteration, called the “Feeling Cute Challenge,” people are switching up the back half of the phrase.

Social media users often tag their posts with #FeelingCute or #FeelingCuteChallenge to show that they’re participating in the challenge.

The #FeelingCute Challenge is just the latest in a series of online photo and video challenges. Other recent, similar challenges include the #TrashTag Challenge or #CheeseChallenge.

It seems like there’s a new hashtag challenge trending everyday on Instagram or TikTok.

With the #FeelingCute Challenge, many people are sharing photos that roast their own professions.

Who knew that medical professionals would have us all LOLing!

Though the posts are clearly meant to elicit laughs, the challenge has certainly raised some brows.

This post from a Columbus Water Works employee, for example, sparked some backlash, so much so that the company responded in a statement to the local paper.

In other news, just this morning the Houston Chronicle reported that “Texas prison officials are investigating allegations that some of its officers penned Facebook posts” promoting inmate mistreatment as part of the #FeelingCute Challenge.

Despite some concerns, the challenge seems to be harmless fun had by many…


And a low key reminder to treat those in the service and medical fields with respect. IRL.