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Misc Slang

July 16, 2018 Ice

Expensive jewelry, typically diamonds. Can also refer to crystal meth. Not to be confused with “icing” someone.


A person who puts too much effort into something, like looking cool or having the perfect death/kill ratio in a video game.


Tool can be a slang term for “gun” or an insulting way to refer to a man or boy.


Lit is a slang term that describes something very crazy or exciting.


A term used to describe someone or something that’s “dripping” in swag, or basically really cool.


A popular dance move involving tucking your head into your bent elbow, while raising the opposite arm straight out. The name comes from a form of cannabis wax called a dab.

Self Care

Self care, self-care, or #selfcare is a practice of giving physical and emotional support to oneself.

July 10, 2018 Skrrt

Skrrt is a slang term that references the sound made if a car turns away fast.

July 9, 2018 GOAT

GOAT, or G.O.A.T is an acronym for “Greatest of All Time.”

Keeping up is exhausting.

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