The Brief: "Wouldn't That Make You?" Madagascar penguins memes typically consist of three penguins with accusatory looks paired with text that reads "Wouldn't That Make You?"


The animated penguins from Madagascar are a fan favorite among meme-makers. The latest popular meme features three of the stealthy penguins from the hit movie with inquisitive and disbelieving looks on their faces. The graphic is typically paired with text that sets up a situation along with the question “Wouldn’t that make you?”

Below that, is a photo of a single penguin with an intense, accusatory gaze and text that delivers the punchline.

These memes are growing in popularity on Reddit. They are intended to be funny and relatable.

This one is for any individual who was forced to order off of a children’s menu at any point in time in their life.

“But dad I’m fifte…”
byu/Communist_Ravioli inmemes

For those who talk back to their elders:

How dare you
byu/TelepathicPsych inmemes

Here are a few slightly misogynistic penguin jokes.

The good old days
byu/Christoffer2404 inteenagers

DoN’T bE a GiRl bRo
byu/shivthegamer6969 inmemes

And, a few terrorist jokes.

[deleted by user]
by inmemes

Annnd media too tho
byu/oooney inteenagers

Always jumping to conclusions
byu/Ethereal_sandwich inmemes

”Screams in healing crystal”
by inmemes