The Brief: As tensions rise between the U.S. and Iran the internet is coping via dark humor and World War 3 memes.


After a U.S. airstrike killed Iranian Major General Qassim Suleiman, Iran promised “forceful revenge” as retaliation and the U.S. is deploying thousands of troops to the Middle East. Amidst this news are World War III memes about the potential for this to culminate in the next world war. 

#WWIII Trending On Twitter

Trending Twitter hashtags related to this topic include #WWIII, #TrumpsWar, #WagTheDog2020, #NoWarWithIran2020 and others. Many jokes related to this topic are based on the possibility of a draft being instated and young Millennials and Zoomers being recruited to fight. 

Those Fortnite skills might come in handy…

A WW3 rendition of the TikTok Obsessed challenge:

World War III Reddit Memes

On Reddit, meme-makers Are joking about draft-dodging, similarities between current events and the beginnings of the first two world wars, and how video game skills could equip young soldiers with strange combat techniques. 

*Nervous laughter* ha ha ha… from dankmemes

The only social interaction I support from dankmemes

A me and the boys meme:

Ah shit, here we go again from dankmemes

Some Area 51 raiders still haven’t given up…

Season 02???? from dankmemes

Heh heh boy from HistoryMemes

Whaaa from PoliticalHumor

World War 3 memes are yet another example of people dealing with serious existential topics via comedy and internet humor. While few of these memes dive into the root issues surrounding this current international escalation, they may provide some relief from the disturbing and disheartening headlines of the current news cycle.