The Brief: The recent rise of Anti-Vaccine or "Anti-Vax" memes on social media target parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.


They’re back. Just like the sudden 30% uptick in Measles worldwide, Anti-Vaccine memes or Anti-Anti-Vax memes have returned and they’re more critical than ever. Anti-Anti-Vax memes target and criticize parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.

While the Anti-Vax Movement is nothing new, nor nothing to laugh at though some might disagree, the internet is at it again with dark/comedic depictions of Anti-Vax parents and children. Popularized originally on Reddit, these memes have begun circulating Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook in greater numbers as of late, most likely due to the recently released statistics on Measles cases.

Anti-Anti-Vax memes, much like Man and Woman Microphone memes, make light of more serious issues. In this case, they reinforce the important of vaccines. According to an article published on, “Vaccine hesitancy appears on the World Health Organization’s 2019 list of the top health threats,” right up there with HIV and pandemic influenza.

The stocks are up boys, buy memes! from r/MemeEconomy

Anti vax memes are ALWAYS a safe investment! from r/MemeEconomy

Certain Anti-Anti-Vax memes take on the Anti-Vaxxers, specifically Anti-Vaxxing Moms. For example, you might already be familiar with Karen, another popular satirical meme, who is often characterized as an Anti-Vaxxer.

Anti-vax mom’s be like from r/antivax

Can’t go wrong with Karl Stefan and Anti Vax Memes. Big Investments folks! from r/MemeEconomy

In any case, with recent statistics, not to mention a slough of new memes, it’ll be interesting to see where the Anti-Vaccine Movement goes from here.