The Brief: Speaker Podium Thief and Via Getty memes began spreading on the internet after a Trump supporter stole the Speaker of the House of Representatives podium from the Capitol on Jan. 6.


Trump supporters took over the Capitol building on Jan. 6. One guy managed to get away with the Speaker of the House of Representatives podium. He brazenly posed for Getty photographers while making his way out the building.

The speaker podium thief is Adam Johnson from Florida.

The image of Johnson and the podium became a mainstay on the Twitter timeline.

Some users mistakenly identified him as Via Getty, the watermark from photo licensing company Getty Images.

This alone inspired its own set of memes.

Here’s a Leonardo DiCaprio Django Unchained version.

And, a new Twitter account.

viagetty via getty twitter profile speaker podium thief

Later that day, the speaker podium appeared as a listing on eBay. It’s unclear whether Johnson put it up for auction.

According to one internet user, the listing was pulled after reaching $96,000.

At this time, there are no updates on whether Johnson will be charged for stealing the podium.