The Brief: The QAnon Shaman is a conspiracy theorist who became a subject of memes after he stormed the Capitol wearing his signature horns and face paint.


On Jan. 6. droves of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. Even though there were many people in attendance, one would be hard pressed to have missed a glimpse of QAnon Shaman Jake Angeli, who showed up shirtless, wearing only khakis, face paint, and a pair of horns. Angeli is reportedly a staple outside the Arizona State Capitol where he is seen yelling.

He spreads the conspiracy theory of QAnon which centers around deep corruption and secret plans in the U.S. government and media. The theory is based on, “Q” a social media user who leads the development and spread of the theory.

During the riot at the Capitol, Angeli took many photos — he didn’t put on all that face paint and horns for nothing. In fact, the QAnon Shaman was snapped charging through the Capitol halls, facing off with security, and yelling in the Senate Chamber.

He quickly became a topic of discussion on social media.