The Brief: "Where's My Juul?" videos are a growing trend on TikTok. It is marked by users turning themselves into creepy creatures (usually a clown) while lip-syncing to "Where's My Juul?" by Full Tac featuring Lil Mariko.


“Where’s My Juul?” videos on TikTok are growing in popularity. The trend started by @mardibarts is marked by TikTokers doing their makeup to the song “Where’s My Juul?” by Full Tac featuring Lil Mariko. When the lyrics indicate the singer can’t find their Juul, the TikToker turns into something ghastly, usually a clown. TikTokers transition from one scene to another by whipping their head back and forth (similar to the clown check trend) while a strobe light pulses in the background. Warning, the flashing lights may not be suitable for some viewers.

TikTokers begin by doing their makeup and miming the lyrics:

Hey, have you guys seen my JUUL?
I like literally just had it in my hand
Like, you gave it back to me, right?
I let you hit my JUUL and then you gave it back to me
You didn’t take it, did you? You wouldn’t do that to me
So like have you seen it? Where is it?
Seriously, like, where is it? It’s not okay

@Mardibarts’ video garnered over 1.6 million likes and 8.1 million views since it was posted on March 17, with the sound being featured in over 267,000 videos.

The trend has been redone by popular users @challxn and clown check originator Avani Gregg (@avani).

@challxnFLASH WARNING!!!! Hey have you guys seen my……? Also, all transitions in this video were filmed with the back camera, so be nice! Ib: @mardibarts

♬ Where’s My Juul?? – Full Tac (feat. Lil Mariko)

@avani…continued :p

♬ Where’s My Juul?? – Full Tac (feat. Lil Mariko)

The trend has also made its way on to Twitter.

Please note, Juuling can cause significant health risks. Juuls contain nicotine which is highly addicting and can harm adolescent brain development, which continues into the early to mid-20s, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.