The Brief: This nonsensical phrase, which derives from a Ghanian artist's music video, has been used when sharing someone's hot take on a subject on Twitter.


When Ghanaian singer Kawoula Biov used the phrase, “Scopatmanaa” as a lyric in his song, “Daavi Neba,” he probably didn’t predict that his lyrics would become a viral, nonsensical phrase on Twitter.

The line has recently circulated on Twitter, as both “Scopatmanaa” and more regularly, “Sco Pa Tu Manaa”. But what does the phrase actually mean?

Translating “Sco Pa Tu Manaa”

Due to the fact that there are different variations in spelling “Sco pa tu manaa,” it also has a few different meanings from different languages. According to Urban Dictionary, “Scopatmanaa” is a Zambian word that roughly translates to something like that, “one should express their own opinion on a particular topic or object”.

Know Your Meme on the other hand, notes it as being a slang term that means “I’ll hit you” and “you’ll find this interesting” in Hawaiian.

Whatever its origins, it seems Twitter users are applying the phrase to mean sharing their opinions on a particular subject, similar to hot take.

People have also drawn comparisons between “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” and “Unpopular Opinion,” another popular Twitter phrase.

In most Sco Pa Tu Manaa memes, people share a photo or discussion topic with the caption, “Sco pa tu manaa”. By labeling it as such, the Twitter-poster is asking users to reply with what they think about it or an unpopular opinion on that subject matter.

The phrase and topics surrounding it have proved to be especially popular with Black Twitter.

This super-meta “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” tweet about Twitter.

“Sco Pa Tu Manaa” Reactions

Perhaps the most hilarious memes and tweets come from the many confused Twitter users, who are both fed up with and confused by the phrase entirely.

Some people are annoyed by the frequency of “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” posts.

This variation of the Nobody: Me: meme:

Other people are just high key confused by the definition of “Sco Pa Tu Manaa”… if there even is one.

Big mood confused.

It’s clear that there’s a good majority of Twitter users that are already fed up with the trend.

This #FaceApp meme says it all:

It’s unclear whether or not this phrase is here to stay, especially since so many people can’t seem to grasp the point, meaning, or spelling.

Perhaps it’s a questions best left for the Area 51 aliens…