The Brief: The "What Is Joe Biden's Plan To" Twitter memes poke fun at the questions surrounding Joe Biden and his proposed plans to improve the current state of the country.


Former Vice President Joe Biden is the 2020 president-elect and will officially take over the oval office in January 2021. In the time since his win, supporters and critics are asking what is the president-elect’s plans to fix a number of issues in the United States including accessible healthcare, student loan debt, police reform, immigration, and other policies.

In true internet fashion, the question “What is Joe Biden’s plan to”  became a meme in late November. These memes see Twitter users asking how the president-elect plans to handle issues like celebrity culture, album releases, TV show scheduling, and fast food requests.

This person is asking on behalf of the overworked.

These folks are worried about controversial celebs.

Another user was concerned about the extreme loss of sunlight during fall and winter.

These questions are from music aficionados.

What about those pesky food bloggers?

Oh, and what about TV programming?