The Brief: "Bruh girls" or "girls who say bruh" are stereotypes of a girl who is sarcastic and not necessarily "girly."


Bruh girls, also known as “girls who say bruh,” are a designated “type” of girl who rejects certain aspects of traditional femininity, placing value on their senses of humor rather than their appearance. The name is a reference to how these girls may call other people “bruh,” “dude,” or other names that connote comradery with boys rather than flirtation. The so-called bruh girl may share traits with tomboys, “cool girls,” and girls who are considered “one of the boys.”

Urban Dictionary’s, definition of the term is “Girls who don’t like those cheesy messages like ‘good morning beautiful’ or ‘I hope you have an amazing day princess.’ They prefer to be sarcastic and joke around. They would rather a guy say ‘what up stupid’ or ‘your [sic] are a dummy’ instead.”

These girls are typically characterized as tough, self-effacing, goofy, sporty, outgoing, and playful. Girls who say bruh are often portrayed in contrast to more traditionally feminine “girls who say hii” and “girls who say 🥺 .” Either label can be used as a compliment, insult, or more neutral descriptor. Some boys express that they’re intimidated by bruh girls while others find them appealing, especially because they’re “not like other girls.” Some self-proclaimed bruh girls express their frustration at how they may be labeled as “intimidating” or how boys consider them to be friends rather than potential romantic interests. Fashion-wise, they are known for their casual and comfortable styles, especially hoodies and messy buns.

This concept is particularly popular on TikTok where videos associated with the hashtag #BruhGirl have been viewed over 105 million times. Skits under this hashtag stereotype traits of girls who say bruh and compare them to girls who say hii/🥺. Videos under the hashtag #BruhGirlSummer have been viewed over 5 million times. According to many TikTok videos, girls who fit the stereotype often say the words “stoopid,” “dude,” and “bro” and don’t like to be called things like “baby” or “princess.”


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