The Brief: Twitter users are inviting their mutuals to define their relationships with a chart that asks "what color am I to you?"


On September 3o, 2020, Twitter users started sharing a multi-colored graphic, asking their mutualsΒ to identify “what color am I to you?” The image includes 12 circles with different colors that represent distinct traits and relationships that two mutuals may have with each other.

This color-coded chart includes:

  • White – mutual you’d commit a crime with
  • Light blue – mutual who talks A LOT sometimes too much
  • Teal – mutual with questionable taste but you think there is hope for them
  • Green – mutual you would probably fight if you met irl
  • Red – pls DM me I want to be friends
  • Orange – what if,,,we dated? πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ mutual
  • Yellow – good vibes mutual πŸ™‚ ilysm
  • Pink – I am asking u if you wanna make out & build a life together
  • Dark blue – mutual who I am VERY confused where I stand with them. Sos what do you want from me??
  • Purple – mutual who I think is funny but they think they are HILARIOUS
  • Grey – mutual that is so smart and cool and I love to hear your thoughts pls continue to share your musings w/ me
  • Black – mutual I’d let bite me, no questions asked 😏

Conversations related to these graphics caused the word “yellow” to start trending on Twitter on the afternoon of the 3oth. Additional variations of the image started spreading on Twitter and the graphic can be found on other platforms like Instagram as well.

What Color Am I To You?