The Brief: A popular TikTok trend involves the installation of multi-colored LED lights for color-changing effects.


Although TikTok hosts a variety of light-based effect options, many creators have been following a trend of using multi-colored LED lights in the backgrounds of their videos.

How To DIY

The multi-colored LED adhesive strip lights featured in many of these TikTok videos can be found on Amazon for just $45.99 for 10 meters of lighting.TikTok LED Lights

Once you have the lights installed, it’s up to you how to creatively integrate them into your TikTok videos and other social media endeavors. The remote control for these lights allows you to easily change them back and forth for a video effect, or to leave them on one color for the backdrop of a video. There are many TikTok videos that give instructions on how to install these lights and how to best use them in videos.

#Lights On TikTok

These lights are a component of several popular trends including the Beetlejuice Halloween memes. They can also commonly be found in the background of videos, whether or not their color-changing effects are featured. In some videos, people try to sort things by color while their LED lights alter their vision. On TikTok, videos associated with the hashtags #Lights and #LEDLights have been viewed over 265 million times.

LED TikTok lights are one of many tricks and tips that creators innovate to produce viral short-form video content beloved by zoomers.