The Brief: These memes roast people's ridiculous and unrealistic expectations for profiting off certain situations.


This image macro surreal meme features Meme Man, also known as Mr. Succ, standing in front of a picture representing the stock market.

The image is captioned with “Stonks” rather than “Stocks” to emphasize false expectations for profits in certain situations. This is an example of a cause and effect/result meme, where someone has mistakenly assumed that the cause will lead to a result of more money. Ironically, the meme is often used to show how someone has actually lost money despite thinking that their decision/action would do the opposite.

nice stonks from memes

me$irl from me_irl

Meme Man is the main character in the Surreal Memes multiverse. According to Meme Man’s original popularizer, Special Meme Fresh, Meme Man originated on a 4chan board several years ago.

While the meme originated on Facebook, it recently resurfaced on Reddit and has been especially popular on the Dank Memes Subreddit.

Some examples of the meme:

Al’s toy barn from dankmemes

Profit. from dankmemes

Hih Stonk Predictions from dankmemes

There seems to be some confusion amongst meme-makers when it comes to the Stonks Up meme, as there are several iterations that convey an actual gain of some kind. For example, this Keanu Reeves meme:

And that’s a fact. from dankmemes

Smh out loud from dankmemes

Pocket change FTW:

You gotta do what you gotta do $$$ from dankmemes