The Brief: Cursed images are intended to make the viewer uncomfortable by featuring disturbing scenes or creepy photo edits.


Cursed images on Reddit are primarily disturbing, like creepily disturbing, and there are dedicated subreddits for people who desire to share these original pictures with each other. The subreddit “cursed images” has 1.2 m members. These edited images can be photoshopped to intentionally make the viewer feel uncomfortable or they can be documented moments in time that may leave the viewer feeling very unsettled.

While Reddit’s threads focus on the unusually eerie and highly abnormal, the hashtag #CursedPhotos on TikTok displays cringe-worthy images, embarrassing instances, and eye-catching illustrations.

See What Reddit Users Mean by Cursed Images:

Cursed_Ferb from Cursed_Images

Blursed….. from blursedimages

Cursed_pipe from Cursed_Images

Hoping this hasn’t already been made from dankmemes

Cursed emoji from Cursed_Images

Cursed_dora from Cursed_Images

Cursed_Pond from cursedimages