The Brief: On Monday, NASA announced that they had discovered water on the sunlit surface of the moon, and memes about the news quickly followed.


After teasing that new information would be leaked about Earth’s moon, NASA announced on Monday that they had confirmed that there is water on the sunlit surface of the moon. While scientists consider the more academic implications of these findings, many non-scientists are tweeting and sharing memes with their own personal takes on the discovery that the moon is wet.

As Know Your Meme reported, some Twitter users, including The Washington Post, used this as an opportunity to reference a 2018 tweet about the moon being haunted, saying “moon’s wet” instead of the original “moon’s haunted.”

Following the popularity of the song “WAP,” this summer, there have been dozens of jokes about a “wet a** moon,” also known as WAM.

The news also inspired other song parodies like “Wet Moon Rising.”


Many people shaaared their desire to drink the moon water, which included references to the wellness brand Moon Juice, the sarcophagus liquid meme from 2018, trendy seltzer, and more.

A reference to Nestle’s privatization of water:

Although it’s unlikely that we’ll be drinking the moon water anytime soon, this news and the wet moon memes that followed were a refreshing addition to the 2020 news cycle.