The Brief: West Coast wildfire and apocalypse 2020 memes are trending on social media after a historic string of wildfires engulfed the West Coast.


California is being ravaged by damaging wildfires. At the time of publication, more than 2.5 million acres have burned so far this season, reports The Washington Post. The intense Labor Day Weekend heatwave paired with a gender reveal party gone terribly wrong hasn’t helped the situation either. As The Washington Post reported in a Sept. 9 article, weather conditions have only exacerbated the situation making it difficult for firefighters to contain. The latest update reads: “These blazes are being driven by strong, dry offshore winds that are causing extreme fire behavior, which can produce everything from mushroom cloud-like plumes of smoke that reach 40,000 feet in height, to vortexes that make it impossible for firefighters to contain an advancing fire.” Climate change is another factor that can greatly worsen the situation.

Wildfires are now active along the West Coast consuming parts of Oregon and Washington, as well. According to CBS News, more acres have burned in Washington in a single day than they usually see all year. The expansive blaze is historic  and has caused the evacuations of thousands of people in California, Oregon, and even parts of Idaho.

The fires have turned the sky various “apocalyptic” shades of red to dusty yellow.

Internet users have reacted with memes online.

This one refers to the new Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya sci-fi movie Dune.

Here are two Star Wars references:

More memes:

Shrimp on tha bah bee from dankmemes

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There are plenty of memes involving fires and gender reveal parties, too.

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