The Brief: VSCO girl memes poke fun of and embrace the stereotype of Birkenstock-clad, Hydroflask-loving teenage girls whose aesthetic matches the VSCO app.


Although the app VSCO is host to a range of people, styles, and content, the VSCO girl stereotype connotes a certain subset of basic VSCO users who follow a particular style and pattern of consumption. VSCO girl memes illustrate this archetype, making plenty of jokes along the way.

Often described asΒ “the new Tumblr girls,” VSCO girls are often characterized by the products they own including scrunchies, Fjallraven backpacks, metal straws, and Brandy Mellville crop tops. A quick search of the hashtag #VSCOgirl on Instagram or TikTok will bring up photos of bedrooms decorated with fairy lights and polaroid pictures, sleepovers on trampolines that match the aesthetic, and shell necklaces.

Some jokes about VSCO girls appear to be roasts and put-downs, while others are more self-referential and friendly drags. Common topics include how VSCO girls use metal straws to “save the turtles” and that they’re addicted to iced coffee (to be sipped with a metal straw of course). According to these memes, “sksksk” and “and I oop” are regular components of VSCO girl vernacular.

I just took a DNA test…

Homer Simpson as a VSCO girl:

VSCO Grandma:

A fairly popular genre of this meme appears on TikTok in the form of VSCO Girl transformation videos reminiscent of the eGirl factory meme.


Peppa?! What are you doing as a VSCO girl?!