The Brief: A meme format from season 2 of The Umbrella Academy shows the characters Vanya and Five staring in surprise as they drive past each other.


A scene from an episode from season 2 of the Nexflix series The Umbrella Academy has inspired a new image macro meme format. A shot in episode 7, “ร–ga for ร–ga” shows the characters Vanya (Elliot Page) and Five (Aidan Gallagher) driving past each other and simultaneously staring in surprise. This moment has been used in various “Umbrella Academy car memes” about two people encountering each other unexpectedly.

Vanya and Five instantly became a meme from UmbrellaAcademy

According to Know Your Meme, the Umbrella Academy Vanya and Five driving format first became popular after it was posted to the Facebook group Umbrella Academy Moonposting. These memes have since evolved and spread across the web to Twitter, Reddit, and beyond where the format is often used to depict two people catching each other in the act.

Haha sleep schedule goes brrrr from UmbrellaAcademy

Thought that this might belong here from UmbrellaAcademy

Awkward moment from dankmemes

Meme-makers have taken various liberties with this format, adding extra panels, effects, and edits.

I hope he can swim from dankmemes

Morning family meetings are weird from memes

Hi myself! from dankmemes

The Vanya and Five driving format is reminiscent of numerous other image macros including ones from Fast and Furious, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Malcom In The Middle, and more. Some mash-up memes combine these formats to add extra layers.

They’re both good shows, but whichever one you like is worse. from dankmemes

Car Crossover Memes Looking at Each Other (Fast & Furious, Umbrella Academy, Nick Fury, Pink Guy, Ron Weasley, SpaceX Tesla) from MemeTemplatesOfficial

Here’s a template create your own Umbrella Academy car memes:

Vanya and Five Drive Past Each Other 1080p HD Template from MemeTemplatesOfficial