The Brief: A meme format based on a scene from Two And A Half Men illustrates what it's like to forget something important.


Two And A Half Men, the twelve-season sitcom that ended in 2015 is making a comeback in a meme format currently popular on Reddit. These Two And A Half Men memes take a scene in which Alan forgets that he left his son at soccer practice to make a joke about the relatable experience of forgetting something important.

This four-panel meme format shows Alan saying “I think I forgot something” to which Charlie responds “If you forgot, then it wasn’t important.” Alan says “Yeah, you’re right,” but the fourth panel of the meme reveals that he forgot to pick his son Jake up from soccer practice and that he has been left standing alone in the rain looking grumpy.

These memes apply this scene to other similar situations in which someone thinks that they forgot something but then confidently decides that they didn’t, even though they really did. This is a good reminder that people do, in fact, forget things that are important.

ThE hOmEwOrK wIlL hElP yOu OuT
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that little idiot i hate him i hate him i hate him
byu/executedmemes indankmemes

A meta-meme:

Please accept my meak offering mods
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