The Brief: Twitter is testing a new story-like feature called Fleets in Brazil which allows users to create posts that disappear after 24 hours.


What Are Fleets?

Twitter announced that it will be testing a new feature called “Fleets” inn Brazil on Android and iOS devices. While Tweets stay up unless they’re individually removed, Fleets disappear after 24 hours – a fleeting amount of time. Fleets can only be replied to through DM’s and can not be liked, retweeted, or publicly replied to.

Both the concept and design of this new Twitter feature resemble Stories on other apps such as Instagram, Facebook, and now YouTube. Fleets will appear on the top of feeds, next to users’ avatars. Twitter has not announced whether or not Fleets will be tested or launched outside of Brazil.

In an announcement via tweet thread, Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter’s product lead cited anxieties about the publicness and permanence of tweets as a reason for introducing this new feature.

#Fleets On Twitter

Twitter users reacted to this announcement with praise, criticism, funny quips, GIFs, and memes.


The day that Twitter announced the soft launch of Fleets, the hashtag #RIPTwitter started trending on the platform with over 24,ooo tweets. Many tweets related to this subject dunk on the impracticality of Fleets and how they’re so similar to other apps’ stories. This criticism comes as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has come under fire for his management of the company and there have been reports that he may be replaced.