The Brief: Twine is a not-yet-released online video chatting platform where people are matched with strangers to engage in insightful conversations regarding in-depth topics, deeper questions, and emotional connections.


The online video chatting application, Twine is set to launch at the most opportune time while everyone feels primarily connected through digital conversations due to social distancing. The platform gives its users a chance for genuine connection with people around the world through roulette-styled online video conversations. The app is currently in private beta for iOS and web with a 1,000 person waitlist. Future users can sign up here.

Participants select from an extensive list of 250 insightful questions that guide the application in matching them with partners. Twine’s users are connected to four different partners with whom they will have 8-minute long conversations. The full gathering of users will result in a 40-minute long interaction. Then, the users are requested to RSVP with another online user in any timezone to begin their digital gathering. There is a virtual guide for users with conversational criteria and boundaries.

Twine’s mission is to build a strong sense of community through digital technology. The founders of the application, Lawrence Coburn and Diana Rau have been building this concept for the past six months and are beginning to test the platform with users who want to be a part of Twine’s online community. The founders believe that right now is the best time for people to connect, especially with COVID-19 related issues that are preventing in-person contact and have impacted people’s ways of socializing. Twine has left a positive impression on users of the application and many of them have left remarks of how the platform is effective at establishing friendships through categorized conversations that allow for platonic bonds to form.