The Brief: Videos of toddlers using Animoji, a face-capture technology on the iPhone that turns the user into a cute live-action Emoji, have taken the twitter-verse by storm.


Name a cuter duo than toddlers and Animojis, I’ll wait. Possibly the most wholesome internet trend in recent memory, last week Twitter users began posting videos of their children playing with Animojis. The iPhone feature captures the facial expressions, mouth movements, and vocal recordings of delighted toddlers, turning them into a variety of cute Emojis, including animals, aliens, and even poop. Whether in the form of an adorable shark singing the irresistible “Baby Shark” song, or a puppy exclaiming “I love you mommy,” these are hands down the sweetest videos to emerge from the dark depths of the internet.

The joy the kids get from recognizing themselves as their favorite Emojis is infectious and reminiscent of Lacan’s mirror stage theory in Animoji form. In this theory, Lacan proposes that for babies, recognizing themselves in mirrors, or in this case, as Animojis, spurs their understanding of the self.