The Brief: The #Obsessed TikTok challenge invites people to perform a mini dance routine to Mariah Carey's song "Obsessed."


TikTokers are obsessed with a new dance challenge: the #Obsessed challenge, inspired by Mariah Carey’s hit song of the same name. Ten years after its initial release, “Obsessed” is making a 2019 comeback in this TikTok meme. In the Obsessed challenge, a few dance and hand movements are paired with the clip from the song.

The lyrics featured in these videos include the well-known chorus: “Why you so obsessed with me?”

The first known rendition of this meme features TikTok user @reesehardy_ doing the dance while crying.

Already meme-material, Carey’s original “Obsessed” video includes footage as her dressed as a stalker who resembles Eminem. Mariah also performed her own take on the challenge while walking down the street after her car broke down on the way to Camp Mariah. In the video, she sings the song herself and laughs as she doesn’t quite execute the whole dance routine correctly. Mariah is no stranger to memes or internet challenges. Last month, she posted her own version of the viral Bottle Cap Challenge.

Obsessed TikTok Challenge

The hashtag #Obsessed has been viewed over 66 million times on TikTok and the song “Obsessed” has been used in the background of over 1.2 million videos.  It’s unclear exactly why this challenge is so popular. Perhaps it’s a result of the enduringly iconic music of Mariah Carey, the simplicity of the dance, or the relatability of the tears shed in @reesehardy_’s original video.