The Brief: As the decade comes to an end, memes ask people what they've accomplished and to list their favorite pop culture moments of the 2010's.


It’s the end of the decade as we know it and people are feeling all the feels. Although it’s only mid-November, people posting memes to social media reflecting on the 2010’s before the decade is officially over.

List Of Accomplishments Decade Memes

This popular Twitter meme declares that there’s only one month left in the decade and asks people to list what they’ve accomplished in the past ten years.

While there are many wholesome responses to this tweet, the trend has been met with backlash as it can make some people feel inadequate or unaccomplished. Thus, it’s inspired alternate prompts and tweets making fun of the premise.

Cultural Impact: Best Of The Twenty Teens

As 2020 looms, Twitter users are debating which movies, songs, memes, pop culture icons, etc. had the greatest cultural impact of the decade.