The Brief: A genre of TikTok videos features teenage boys and young men flirting with the camera or role-playing romantic situations. As they grow in popularity, boyfriend POV TikToks have also become the subject of parody and ridicule.


TikTok #POV Boyfriends

The POV video has long been a staple on TikTok. Typically, in these videos, a creator talks to the camera so that the viewer feels like they’re a part of the scene they’re acting out. Within this genre there are POV boyfriend videos in which boys and men act as if they are the boyfriend or love interest of the viewer. These videos range from vaguely to overtly flirtatious.


POV: You have a boy from school take your Instagram pics for you, and he asks you out while taking them

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While not exactly NSFW, some videos in this genre can seem offputting or inappropriate to audiences as the creator engages in over-the-top romantic roleplay. One widespread example of this is the flirtatious eBoy videos where teenage boys would film themselves grabbing their necks, biting their necklaces, rolling their eyes, and engaging in other sexually suggestive behaviors.


#Pov The rich merchant invited his daughter to the ball so she can have a chance to be with the prince. But the prince just fell for his maid..

♬ original sound – erickim926

TikTok boyfriend POV videos present scenes where a boy is interacting with his girlfriend, falling in love, or flirting with someone. Videos like these are commonplace among popular young male creators, some of whom have millions of followers. Some videos involve costumes, props, voiceovers, and other effects to set the scene.


I might’ve just exposed one of our secrets boys

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The comments sections of these videos are typically filled with girls praising the creators and lamenting that they aren’t dating them IRL.


pov: I’m ready to pick you up on our first date #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #duetthis #vintage #oldschool #xyzbca #littlethings #homeroutine SoapBop

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While much of this content is relatively wholesome, some TikTok boyfriend videos include depictions of conflict between the boyfriend and the viewer, such as ones where he learns that they’ve been cheating on him or where he is jealous and controlling.


POV: I’m getting a little more controlling these days cause you’re looking so damn B-E-A-UTIFUL! #pov #boyfriendpov

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The explicitly flirtatious nature of TikTok boyfriend POV’s paired with the over-the-top acting has made them a target for parody videos. In May 2020, YouTuber Kurtis Conner made a video titled “I Found the Best Actor on TikTok” in which he points out some of the absurd aspects of the genre, making fun of Jordy Boulet-Viau in particular.

Popular TikToker Devin Caherly’s video in which he role-plays as a groom watching a bride enter at their wedding ceremony has been widely parodied through the app’s duet feature. While his original video seems to be a sincere representation of romance, in the spoof videos, creators wear ridiculous outfits as they pretend to be Caherly’s bride.


POV: Its my wedding day @devincaherly #wedding #bride #beautiful

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LMFAO IM SO SORRY FOR THIS DONT LET IT FLOP #InTheHouseparty #YoplaitCupRelay #yearbook2020 #funny#baby#fyp#tiktokgraduation #TossYourCap #foryou

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never thought the day would come so fast. #duet with @devincaherly #InTheHouseparty

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