The Brief: The Pentagon has officially released footage of UFO sightings and social media users are turning this historical event into an onslaught of unavoidable internet memes.


Free thoughts barge the open platform of Twitter on a daily basis and this tradition notably continues especially when the United States Pentagon decides to officially release footage of several UFO sightings. Unbeknownst by who recorded the videos, the sightings have left quite an impression on millennials and many Gen Zers who are taking it upon themselves to create an endless number of memes on the groundbreaking news. In addition to Twitter, UFO and alien memes are circulating on Reddit as well.

On Twitter, there are three hashtags that are trending regarding the Pentagon’s footage. #UFO2020, #AliensAreReal, and #AliensExist are multiple of the contributing factors that are causing the Pentagon’s UFO sightings to go even more viral.

#UFO2020 on Twitter

#AliensAreReal on Twitter

#AliensExist on Twitter

UFO Sightings Memes

Reddit Memes

2020 doesn’t surprise us anymore from memes

What do you guys think about the pentagon ufo videos? from teenagers

isn’t this just lovely! from aliens

The pentagon tryna reach the aliens from aliens