The Brief: Including one's preferred pronouns, such as She-Her-Hers or They-Them-Theirs, in their social media bios is a step towards normalizing the practice of sharing pronouns and creating a safe-space for non-binary identifying individuals.


As with just about anything, while you may not understand it, it’s important to respect it.

In recent years, sharing one’s pronouns in their Twitter and Instagram bios has become somewhat standard, especially amongst the LGBTQ+ community. Gender neutral pronouns, such as They-Them-Their and Xe-Xir-Xem, are often used by members of the LGBTQ+ community who find standard binary-specific pronouns unsatisfactory for identifying themselves.

People who support trans rights are also making their pronouns known. By doing so, they can normalize the practice of sharing and more importantly, respecting preferred pronouns. As a result, people who use non-standard pronouns to refer to themselves are treated the same as everyone else.

Preferred pronouns often refer to sexuality or gender. Therefore, it’s important to avoid making assumptions about someone’s pronouns based on their sex. By asking for everyone’s preferred pronouns, regardless of appearance, it will become easier and more comfortable to move through the world as a trans person.