The Brief: Social media users are posting analyses of their astrological birth charts from a website called The Cosmic RX.


In a new astrology trend, graphics analyzing people’s birth charts into short statements about how they think, act, and love are going viral on social media. These images come from a website called The Cosmic RX which appears to take inspiration from the likes of Co-Star and Goop, combining personalized astrological information with the sale of wellness products and classes.

This app appears to be popular among wellness influencers and individuals interested in astrology. As some micro and macro-influencers are posting screenshots of their birth chart readings, these posts aren’t typically labeled as sponsored ads.

The Cosmic RX offers a variety of readings and products, but what’s popular on social media at the moment are screenshots of what the website calls “your cosmic care RX.” By submitting information about when and where they were born, site visitors can receive a personalized “decoding” of their birth chart. These are pasted over a cosmic pastel background with the text format “I am an A, but my emotions are rather B, I think in a C way, but express my energy in a D way. In love, I seek E. My role in the world is F.” The graphics also include more traditional birth chart information including peoples sun, rising, and moon signs and other planetary placements.

The appeal of posting The Cosmic RX birth chart summaries parallels the popularity of astrology memes and apps as well as personality quizzes on social media.

Sounds about right. (from the cosmic rx) from piscesastrology

Some stans filled out charts for their faves:

Memes parodying these charts are also making the rounds…